Ever Wonder How our Streets are Named?

If there was one thing I was always fascinated with it is names, not to the point of being obsessed but a good old fashion fascination on why or how we got our names. The reason I’m bringing this up is while relaxing at one of my favourite spots, Leopold’s Tavern, I noticed they explained it was named for Leopold Crescent which is where they are located in the north end of Regina. But who was the street named after?  

Leopold Crescent was named after Leopold, Duke of Albany, the youngest son of Queen Victoria. It was proposed that the future capital of the North-West Territories be called Leopold, but sentiment favoured a more Anglo-Saxon name so Regina was chosen instead.  

That got me thinking of finding out who or what other streets in Regina were named after. I remember my Barber used to say they called Marsh Crescent in Whitmore Park after the slough that he used to hunt ducks on but apparently it is named after George T. Marsh, an employee at the Land Corporation of Canada. He was a town councillor in 1891-93 and Mayor of the town of Regina in 1895.

The most obvious choice for the next street to look up was Albert Street. Named after the Prince Consort to Queen Victoria. Victoria Avenue was named for the aformentioned Queen the reigning monarch in 1882.

For more information on how to find who or what your street was named after, there is a book published by the Regina Public Library called Regina: The Street Where You Live or while I was researching Regina street names I stumbled on to a web page, www.leaderpost.com/news/streets, from the Regina LeaderPost.

Submitted by:
Chad Tameling
Realty Executives Diversified